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Jamie Robinson

Jamie Robinson is an ISSA (International Sports and Sciences Association) certified Personal Trainer, and Fitness Therapist (post P/T training). He offers a detailed, individualized approach to achieving fitness goals. In addition, a realistic meal plan is designed for each of his clients. Whether you are a trying to reduce your body fat percentage, increase muscle mass, increase your strength, or improve cardiovascular endurance, Jamie has the solutions to overcome all obstacles, and help you attain the results that you desire.

Jamie's vast knowledge is rooted by a competitive lifestyle early on, starting at the age of 9 years old. Through junior high, and high school, Jamie was competitive in football, boxing, wrestling, and basketball. After graduation, he continued his competitive edge by challenging himself in the weight room. As a result, Jamie has manipulated his body weight from 180lbs to 250lbs due to diet, and dedicated, intense weight training.

Jamie has helped a wide variety of men and women of all ages achieve their desired results.

Experience: Boxing, Bodybuilding, Body Fat Reduction, Sports Specific Training, Post Physical Therapy Training, Improving Flexibility and Range of Motion, Circuit Training, and Nutrition Consulting. There isn't one specific training method that works for everyone. I work with each client as an individual, taking into consideration his/her specific goals and medical background.

For a free consultation, please contact Jamie.

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